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DNA House in Cascais, Portugal by Sabrab


Project name: DNA House

Architecture firm: Sabrab

Location: Cascais, Portugal

Tools used: Autodesk 3ds Max

Principal architect: Miguel Barbas

Design team: Sabrab

Built area: 600 m²

Site area: 4000 m²

Design year: 2020

Completion year: 2022

Collaborators: Miguel Barbas, Pedro Unas, Afonso Pinheiro, Maria Vidal

Visualization: Sabrab

Status: Under construction

Typology: Residential, Houses

Sabrab: We designed this house in a different context, in full quarantine due to COVID. We are inspired by the simplicity of the shapes, complemented by a bronze ladder with the shape of DNA.

This house was designed for a land in Cascais. It has an area of ​​440 square meters, with a large living room, with an open space kitchen and 5 bedrooms.

One of the symbols of the house is the swimming pool that surrounds the entire finished elevation of the living room and bedrooms on the lower floor. It is extended to the interior of the room, being part of the glass floor.

The aim is to provide a sense of spaciousness in any room of the house, from the entrance to the living room and kitchen, working in a single set, with the staircase surrounding the entire space.

The roof is landscaped, with rainwater collection, to feed the water mirror that surrounds the entire rear elevation. The back facade has built in microperforated panels, where the access door to the pool is hidden.

The skylight glass has an automatic cleaning system, as well as that of the pool using the clear glass system. The furniture was designed by our team, in order to be a unique space.


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